All About ZooMania

ZooMania Games started in 1996 with a mission to provide educational, zoo-packed fun that would bring families together and help them create lasting memories. We at ZooMania understand the value of spending quality time with our loved ones, and you will feel great knowing that our beautifully illustrated children’s games incorporate learning development opportunities including social skills, numbers, counting, animal recognition, colors and letters.

It all began with ZooMania, a whimsical crazy-eight’s style game, and soon the zoo grew with more delightful card games including Zoo Party, Zoo Playing Cards, Top Banana, Dawgs, Space Dogs, Seafari, Dino Dogs and DOS Twice the Fun. The excitement continued where ZooManiacs can also play with their favorite characters in board games including The Game Of ZOO,Zoofari, Funky Monkeys, and The Great Bug Hunt. Even adults can get in on the action with our wildly fun party games Elephonkey and iPresident.

While we began with just one simple card game, ZooMania’s dedication to inspiring others in the joy of game playing continues to advance us forward. We believe in value and quality, and have designed each game exclusively with unique illustrations and graphics that have come to symbolize our dedication to enchantment. As our line of products continues to grow, we invite you to come along with us and enjoy the zoo!

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The ZooManiac Story

20 years ago, ZooMania Games took a child’s wild imagination on a Zoofari, and the fun has grown ever since. As children completed their Zoofari adventures, we introduced some monkey business, allowing families to become Top Bananas by having a swingin’ good time as Funky Monkeys. With no stop sign on the horizon, ZooMania Games ran a wacky race featuring lovable insect critters in The Great Bug Hunt. To celebrate at the finish line, a Zoo Party of 26 unique animals invited all to join them at the incredible ZOO , where many of them left their Paw Prints behind. These family favorites were just the beginning – soon the Zoo grew!

For our players who enjoy hilarious, educational dog-gone fun, we introduced hundreds of new barkin’, howlin’, woofin’ and growlin’ Dawgs. After zoos, monkeys and dogs, what more could we do but present a game that would be Twice The Fun, and that’s when DOS came on the scene, now recognize as America’s #2 card game. Here at ZooMania Games, imagination is always moving us forward, and it’s our players who keep us inspired.

With more great products in development, we invite you to join us in the fun at ZooMania Games. Our journey is filled with adventures that will transport your imagination into a world that is safe, memorable, educational, and unforgettable. Come along!

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